Designing active music-making general music classrooms in the Aloha state: Exploration of standards and instructional tools

The main goal of these Sunday sessions is to provide teachers with Asian Pacific materials - which is why the $680 is waived. Please note that NOT all the materials are appropriate for Orff's arrangement. To be culturally sensitive, do not change the rhythm or melody to fit the rule of  complimentary rhythm or bordun. Some pieces come with ostinato and chant patterns practiced in traditional cultures for thousands of years. Thus, find materials suitable for the arrangement and keep the originality of the pieces. 

March 2, Chinese

The Door is Open, But I Can't Get In

Pai Pai Zuo

Big Fish, Small Fish

Rock Paper Scissors

Chinese materials (theme = rabbit)

    • Rock Paper Scissors

Prerequisites: Ta, ti-ti, 2-ta meter; So-mi-do

Activity #1: “Naughty Kitty Cat” – Prepare ta-rest, Z

  1. Play the game; students holding hands make a circle. One student is outside, and one is inside. Students sing songs and walk in the circle. At the end of the song, the student outside chases the student inside the circle (there might be other variations playing this game).
  2. After teaching the song to the students, notify the students when they play again, and silence the “meow.”
  3. Guide students to identify ta & ti-ti and prepare the students with the concept of ta-Z: no sound in one beat.
  4. Sing the song again, this time; make a gesture of “shh” when there is no sound.


Activity #2: Culturally Responsive. Introducing mandarin has four intonations. We need to pronounce the words accurately to avoid delivering the wrong meanings.


  1. Introduce basic movements in this finger play. There are three verses in this chant; I only introduce the 3rd verse in this presentation.
  2.  After playing the rhythm with drums and sticks, identify the rhythm patterns.
  3. Teacher labels the “shh” sounds the students did in “Naughty Kitty Cat” to ta-rest. Teacher guides the students to notate the ta-rests.
  4. Teacher asks students to sing Naughty Kitty Cat with the rhythm of Rock Scissors Cloth. Surprise!!! Share what they find out!

More instructions can be found in the Ni Hao book. 

Little Pig

Yangtze Boatmen

My Little Rabbit

Chinese materials (theme = rabbit)

    • My little rabbit

Page 37: 

The Chinese characters found above for wolf (lang 狼), rabbit (tu 兔), and door (men 门) came from zhuànshū (篆 书) characters. These characters were used more than 2,200 years ago (770-256 BC). Notice how the characters correspond to their pictures. This is another example of how Chinese characters evolved from pictograms.  Permission from Impel Training, Ni Hao book. 

Happy Rabbit Year

Chinese materials (theme = rabbit)

Peking Opera

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