Let's Play `Ukulele: Book 1

Book 1

Chet-Yeng Loong, Ph.D.

Customer Reviews

The purpose of “E Ho`okani `Ukulele Kākou/Let’s Play `Ukulele” is to provide a resource for students to learn to play `ukulele, partly by rote, but also through music literacy. The chapters are sequenced according to difficulty of playing the `ukulele. Videos are provided to demonstrate playing techniques.


Each step of the learning process is clearly stated, from teaching a song and playing the `ukulele, to practicing musical concepts. A student packet as well as a supplementary package are also included. The additional songs in the supplementary package will help students learn more about Hawaiian hula and culture.


This book comes with seven SMART Board® files to help teachers deliver the materials. Grading scales, rubrics and quizzes are also provided. Music educators can relate class assessments to the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS), Music Core Standards.


Mahalo nui, my friends!

Additional Information

All the files on the CD-Rom have been saved in SMART Notebook 18.1. For teachers who do not have an interactive SMART Board®, you can still use the files in this book by projecting them from your laptop. 

If you do not have the SMART Notebook® 18.1 software, you can download a 45-day trial version of the SMART Notebook® from this website:  https://education.smarttech.com/en/products/notebook/download 


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