Designing active music-making general music classrooms in the Aloha state: Exploration of standards and instructional tools


For the Japanese songs, I still need to edit the notations. The handouts that I gave you do not have the correct notations. If you plan to teach those songs to your students this semester, teach those that you are familiar. I am planning to have the selected Asian Pacific materials ready in May.


The main goal of these Sunday sessions is to provide teachers with Asian Pacific materials - which is why the $680 is waived. Please note that NOT all the materials are appropriate for Orff's arrangement. To be culturally sensitive, do not change the rhythm or melody to fit the rule of  complimentary rhythm or bordun. Some pieces come with ostinato and chant patterns practiced in traditional cultures for thousands of years. Thus, find materials suitable for the arrangement and keep the originality of the pieces. 

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