Early Childhood Music Program

Early Childhood Music - REGISTRATION close.

Active Music Making - two more spots

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The Active Music Making class is designed for children between five and seven years old. In this class, we will integrate Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodaly approaches in our curriculum. Children will play `ukulele and Orff instruments. We will present activities specifically from the Asian Pacific region and perform them in the native languages. 

Early Childhood Music (limit to 10 kids)

Active Music Making (limit to 8 kids)

Comments from parents and children:


  • The instructor is wonderful and the structure of the class is very enjoyable for the children. Very entertaining and the children always have so much fun.
  • I learned a lot. Great hands on activities using various musical instruments. Well structured.
  • Extremely patient and obviously enjoys teaching young children.
  • The instructor obviously has a lot of experience teaching. She is able to do with the flow - however the children respond.
  • I love how this class teaches musical concepts through very concrete activities! Much thought and effort goes into the preparation for these classes.
  • The instructor has the knowledge, intelligence and kindness teaching young children.


  • I like the class because the teacher taught me many beautiful songs - Vivaldi!
  • I like streamers and "yes, madam" and the musical instruments.
  • I love the music class because I get to play, sing and dance!
  • I have a lot of fun playing all instruments, especially the big drum!