Sing and Chant Your Way to China!

Chet-Yeng Loong, Ph.D.

NI HAO! Sing and Chant Your Way to China!


For music educators interested in enriching their music curriculum with authentic world music, NI HAO! Sing and Chant Your Way to China! presents nine authentic Chinese songs, chants and games in an easily accessible format for teachers to use with their students pre-K to grade 5.


The included 30-minute DVD provides an introduction to Chinese culture for both students and teachers. Children who are native speakers of Chinese sing and/or speak the songs and chants, and are valuable models for pronunciation of the Chinese language.


Detailed lesson plans and SMART Board® files are designed to make teaching each activity pedagogically appropriate and efficient.  By utilizing the plans and SMART Board®, music educators will find it easy to integrate these materials into their curriculum.


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Customer Reviews

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    Michelle F Przybylowski (Tuesday, 14 March 2017 02:48)

    This book is a must have for your Cultural Collection. You will be speaking, chanting, and singing, in Chinese. The DVD is a great supplement to assist you in the learning of the diction. The children's artwork enhances the child-like qualities. Play and learn along with Dr. Loong's book. She bring depth to mastering the language through speech and song. It is a book everyone needs to cross the boarders into China!

  • #4

    Richard W. Reed (Monday, 13 March 2017 13:37)

    Ni Hao! Sing and Chant Your Way to China! is a treasure. I’ve never encountered a book like Dr. Loong’s – one that almost guarantees success in presenting Chinese songs and games to students. Are you unsure of how to correctly pronounce the words? A DVD is included, with native speakers demonstrating the lyrics. Are you lacking exposure to Chinese culture? The DVD provides an engaging overview, appropriate for both students and teachers, that gives cultural context to the musical contents of the book. It is rare to find authentic Chinese songs and games to use with children that are appealing and playful. This is a must-have resource that will be used again and again.

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    Rucci (Thursday, 09 March 2017 01:14)

    I purchased the book a few weeks ago and the audio and video files on the DVD are great! It is interactive and very easy to use. The SMART board files are wonderful!

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    Maggie Hoffee (Monday, 06 March 2017 20:55)

    How lucky we are as music educators to have this desperately needed resource! Teachers have here a beautiful collection of authentic Chinese materials clearly and artfully presented by Dr. Loong with her obvious curriculum expertise and experience with students. The lessons incorporate simple traditional instruments, games, stories, songs and chants with attainable texts that are supported by demonstrations by young native speakers on the accompanying DVD. "Ni Hao" offers a unique and rare opportunity for students and teachers alike to learn and have fun with some enchanting Chinese music for children.

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    Nancy Lineburgh (Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:23)

    This book is amazing in so many ways. The material is fun and very accessible for children and as well as adults. The activities are charming. The easy to follow instructions make the book useable for music, classroom and Chinese language teachers alike. The DVD even provides quick, visual information about Chinese culture. And, most amazing is the SMART Board file. (Instructions are provided for teachers who don't have the SMART Board software.) The teacher can actually learn the Chinese pronunciation along with the children. At the front of the book is a chart of the musical concepts each song/chant can teach. So, if you are looking for some repertoire for a musical concept, need a Chinese song for Chinese New Year, are looking for material to teach Chinese language or have the luxury of having time to devote a whole unit to Chinese repertoire, this book will serve you well.