D: Doggie Doggie

Teachers, follow these steps when sharing the file with your students. To be more effective, you should videotape yourself teaching the song.


Step 1

1. Play the below game with the children. Teacher sings. (Now, during MOC, we can only play the game online.)

2. Students learn the response, "who has the bone?"

3. The teacher sings the "call" part; the assigned student sings, "I have the bone."

4. Sing and play the game.

Step 2

1. Ask children to imitate the motions.

2. You may use flashcards  to identify the pictures and words.

3. Sing and perform the movements.

Step 3

1. Review the song with motions and pictures.

2. Open the video, get ready.

1. Listen to the audio.

2. Sing with the audio.

3. Drag the pictures into the boxes to match the lyrics. Please note that young kids who don’t know how to read, if they sing, are still able to drag the pictures in the right boxes.

3. Open the SMART Learning Suite (click image below). Follow instructions.

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Questions? Post here, I will answer the questions in the following week:

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