F: Up in the Heavens

Teachers, follow these steps when sharing the file with your students. To be more effective, you should videotape yourself teaching the song.


Step 1

1. This activity is a non-locomotor. Children are supposed  to stay at the same spot and have their personal space.

2. The teacher speaks the show the motions. Children imitate. 

3. Students echo with 1 2 3 4, and F I V E. Make sure they make a V shape when standing up. Explain to the children FIVE means 5.

Step 2

1. Review the motions.

2. Play certain words in the chant with instruments that have different timbre/tone colors.  Avoid using more than four instruments.

3. Chant and  play the instruments. 

Step 3

1. Review the motions.

2. Add one instrument at one time. Relate the hand motions to the way the instruments are played.

3. One group, one instrument.

4. Chant and play the instruments.

Questions? Post here, I will answer the questions in the following week:

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